Trending Unisex Hairdos

unisex hairstyles 2019
Unisex hairstyles are those that both men and women can comfortably wear. Below are a few unisex hairdos that are trending so far in 2019:

The soft bends hairdo

The soft bends hairdo is best suited for flirtatious men and women. This remarkably unique hairdo has short hair on the sides while the hair on top is extra-long with the tip draping over to one side. The top also looks disconnected from the sides. The texture on this hairstyle makes a man look cool while effortlessly bringing out the chic side of a woman with the of balayage techniques.

The sleek bob hairdo

unisex hairstyles


The sleek bob hairdo looks good on both men and women, especially those with big, round faces and shoulder-length hair. Despite this hairdo looking a bit edgy, it still manages to look both prim and proper. Most people who rock the sleek bob hairdo are either professional women or artistic men who don’t mind being in touch with their soft vibes.


A final word

unisex hairstylesAs mentioned earlier, there are hundreds of hairdos for both men and women. Also, there are those hairstyles that can work for both men and women. Therefore, you might want to take your time finding the ones that tickle your fancy the most and keep in your arsenal. There are times when choosing between hairstyles is difficult, and it is so for many reasons.

If you ever find yourself struggling to choose a hairdo, then feel free to seek outside help. You can seek help from family, friends, family friends, or even your hairdresser. You can also try out different hairdos before you can settle for one, or five if you wish. Last but not least, always make sure that you’re going for a hairstyle that not only makes you look beautiful but also speaks volumes about your personality.

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