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trendy hairstyles
Your hair is among the first things that people tend to see the moment they lay their eyes on you, and it is so for obvious reasons. Therefore, you should do all you can to ensure you’re always making a good first impression everywhere you go by coiffuring your hair the right way at salons. And the only way for you to get it right is by making an effort to not only be aware of the trending hairstyles accepted by an elite escort service Brooklyn but also donning those that work best for you.

Thankfully, there’re hundreds of trending hairdos for both men and women at your disposal. Therefore, feel free to pick out the ones that tickle your fancy and wear them with pride. Without further ado, here’s a list of some of the most trending hairdos of 2019:

Trending Hairdos for Men

hairstyles for menThe people who came up with the assertion “The dog is man’s best friend” clearly forgot about the hairdresser. A man understands the importance of a fresh haircut, and that’s why his barber is extremely important to him. The same goes for women. The latter explains why it’s pretty hard for a man to switch barbers, just like it is for a woman to change hairdressers. And if making the switch is inevitable, then it becomes a process that has to be approached with a lot of care.

Long gone are the days when it looked odd for men to experiment with their hair. Today, it’s quite reasonable to see a man rocking nicely kept bangs or even colored hair. The latter explains why ‘trending hairdos for men’ is quite an exciting and vast subject to cover. Below are some of the trending hairstyles for men in 2019:

The high fade haircut

If showing more scalp and looking edgy happens to be your thing, then the high fade is the haircut that you most certainly should try out. The finished, high-contrast cut looks fantastic, especially if your barber knows what they are doing.

The low fade haircut

The low fade is a favorite haircut for men in professional fields who don’t mind looking classy. Besides being a bit conservative, the low fade haircut would also look impressive on a man who isn’t entirely comfortable with showing off more of his scalp.

The skin fade haircut

male haircut trendsThe skin fade haircut is a masculine coiffure best left for aggressive men who aren’t afraid to push their style to the extreme. It’s no secret that men who don the skin fade haircut are out to make a lasting statement. With the hair on the sides shaved completely, whatever is left on top can either be dyed or left looking rugged, depending on individual preference. Lastly, this badass haircut looks good with a thick, bushy beard.

The undercut hairstyle

The undercut haircut is one of those classic haircuts that are most likely never going out of style. Popularized by the men in the military, the undercut haircut involves shaving the entire head to one length. There are different versions to this haircut. For instance, the slicked back undercut so happens to be one of the undercuts many variations. With that in mind, you are free to experiment with the hair on top; however, you please. You can either leave it messy, textured, or even get try out the pompadour if you wish.

The textured fringe for men

male haircut trendsIf you still think the fringe is still an exclusively feminine hairdo, think again. Contemporary men are not only experimenting with the fringe but owning the coiffure altogether. The textured fringe is a preferred look for men with long, naturally curly hair. To achieve this look, the hairdresser will start by trimming the sides, leaving a messy crop of curly hair articulating the top of the head.

The quiff hairdo

The quiff hairdo is reserved for men won’t don’t mind spending an extra minute or two on the mirror every morning trying to nail the look. Thankfully, the results of a neat quiff will be worth the spare time is taken to pull it off.

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