Trending Hairdos for Women

hairstyles for women
It’s no secret that women care more about hair than their male counterparts will ever do. This explains why the hair industry today is worth billions of US dollars. There are thousands of different women’s haircuts trends approved even by elite escorts NYC, which are meant for different face shapes, hair textures, body types as well as complexions.

That said, you need to take your time choosing coiffures you can confidently wear to different occasions. Thankfully, no one is putting any pressure for you to try them all. You should consider working hand in hand with your hairdresser because finding the best hairdos for you can be quite taxing. Without further ado, here are a few trending hairstyles for women:

The blunt bob

When it comes to the ability to ooze elegance, very few hairdos can compare to the blunt bob. The blunt bob involves sweeping your hair back before tucking the entire volume behind your ears. The best thing about this remarkably enchanting hairstyle is that it works perfectly with any hair, including the ever-stubborn curly hair. The blunt bob has been popularized by A-listers such as Emilia Clarke and her ilk.


For a simple hairdo, barrettes sure have a sophisticated way of making the wearer look chic. The hairstyle works best for women with long, straight hair. Barrettes involve a ponytail articulated by the hair from one side of the head carefully laced over the forehead. Ashley Graham killed it with her freshly-done barrettes at the recently concluded Met Gala.

Crimped waves

women hairstyle 2019Crimped waves look best on women with long and curly hair. But that doesn’t mean women with long, straight hair can’t don the look. If you have a seasoned hairdresser, they can condition your hair to be curly, hence making it quite easy to achieve this rather angelic look. Joan Small rocked the crimped waves at this year’s CFDA Fashion Awards and nailed it flawlessly.

The center part hairdo

Just like its name, the center part hairdo is achieved by only parting your hair right in the middle of your head. You’ll then allow your hair to fall freely from either side of your head. The center part hairstyle is reserved for women with middle-length to long hair. Many celebrities have been spotted working the red carpet donning the center part, among them the ever-stunning Lea Michele.

The finger waves hairdo

The finger waves hairstyle is yet another trending hairdo for women. What makes this hairdo stand out is the fact that it can be donned for any and every occasion. For instance, a woman wearing finger waves can walk from a boardroom straight into a bistro downstairs for a girl’s night out without feeling or looking out of place. This all-season hairdo works best for women with shoulder-length curly hair.

Smooth and straight hairdo

women hairstyleOne can never go wrong with a simple, straightforward hairdo such as the smooth and straight hairstyle. This timeless hairdo is tailored for women with medium-length to long hair lengths and can be worn for any occasion. For instance, the ageless Nicole Kidman has been known to rock the red carpet donning this elegant hairdo for years.

The banana buns

The banana buns have this magical ability to surround the wearer with an undeniable air of romance. The latter is indeed a phenomenon that no one can pretty much explain. The latter explains why bridesmaids have donned the hairstyle in countless weddings in 2019 alone. And from the looks of it, the banana buns hairdo is here to stay.

The flipped-up hairdo

The flipped-up coiffure is trending for a plethora of reasons, one of them being that its quite easy to pull off. If you have short hair and have only a few minutes to look extremely good before you head out for a party, then the flipped-up hairstyle should be your go-to hairdo. Perhaps the most beautiful thing about this hairstyle is the fact that you don’t need the services of a hairdresser and all the charges that come with it.

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